ACTIVIST tree project



Denmark based, with global focus. Next tree donation: October 2020.

​We have made donations to plant 58 trees so far !

Planting trees is a very good investment for our planet and future - we need trees to survive.

Please let us plant your tree each month for just $ 3, sign up now on Patreon.

We make donations monthly with funds from our Patreon page, to plant trees around the world.

We also plant a tree for each art poster sold from our poster shop.

Our mission is to find the best projects to support, as we don´t plant the actual trees ourselves.


We make it easy for you to support the best tree projects and organizations, found by us.


ACTIVIST information

ACTIVIST is independent, based in Denmark.


Climate changes is the main focus.

We work for our planet, not for profit.

Visit what we do for more information or to donate.

Secure online art shop payment, we accept:


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and PayPal.


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