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Greenwashing is something to be aware of. A large number of companies are greenwashing us, claiming to be greener, organic, more sustainable and more eco friendly, than they really are...

We take it one step further as we believe overprized organic food, as example, is greenwashing too !

If you go to your local supermarket and find a small jar of organic hummus at € 4, it´s fair to call this overprized greenwashing, taking advantage of people who shop healthy food. The first step is to lower taxes on healthy food, then raise taxes on unhealthy food. Think about what this will do for peoples health in general. There is a reason why all vegans talk about feeling better, more energic and happier.

So many businesses will take advantage to profit on the wonderful green wave we experience these years. Just look at politicians...they are all green now, 10 - 20 years late...

Allways be conscious, think and ask questions.

Look for certificates, we need more of them and they will come.

Volkswagen released an ad campaign to debunk the fact that diesel was bad and that it used a technology where it emitted fewer pollutants. Later, the truth was revealed that Volkswagen rigged 11 million of its diesel cars with “ defeat devices,” or technology designed to cheat emissions tests and that the vehicles emitted pollutants at levels up to 40 times the U.S. limit. In the U.S Volkswagen paid $ 14.7 billion to settle the allegations of cheating emissions tests and deceptive advertising !

Can Volkswagen to be trusted in the future ? Read more from the Independent.

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