Have professional portraits done, while you support more climate awareness !

You ONLY pay for the portraits you like, the actual photo session is FREE.

Portraits for any purpose: family, children, social media, cv, website, blog, business, etc.

Same nice price for private and small business clients.


These very fair prices also goes for actors, writers, musicians, artists, dancers and so on.

We plant a tree for each sold portrait - our way of giving back to mother earth !

Book a FREE session online ( få tilsendt info på dansk )

€ 150 / ca 1125 dkk  ·  1 portrait  ·  we plant 1 tree


€ 400 / ca 3000 dkk  ·  3 portraits  ·  we plant 3 trees


€ 600 / ca 4500 dkk  ·  5 portraits  ·  we plant 5 trees  ·  popular family package


€ 1000 / ca 7500 dkk  ·  10 portraits  ·  we plant 10 trees  ·  popular family package


€ 1600 / ca 12.000 dkk  ·  20 portraits  ·  we plant 20 trees

Natural retouched print and web resolution, delivered online.


Professional quality prints at extra cost with free delivery in Denmark.

Additional fees may apply for extensive business use.


Your payment is supporting our ongoing climate art project: RISING WATERS

backed by: Nikolaj Hübbe, Wilma Giglio, Morten Hee Andersen, Camilla Lau, Sylvester Byder,


Astrid Elbo, J'aime Crandall, Emma Riis-Kofoed, Alexander Bozinoff + many more.

Portrait Examples 


ACTIVIST information

ACTIVIST is independent, based in Denmark.


Climate changes is the main focus.

We work for our planet, not for profit.

Visit what we do for more information or to donate.

Secure online art shop payment, we accept:


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and PayPal.


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