ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES  ·  danish and english


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Learn photography with focused online conversations, combined with tailored tasks.

Make a donation to have your photography promoted on our social media, with link to you.  

Improve your skills fast and easy with efficient online private coaching, in english or danish.


There are so many aspects to master: light, composition, camera settings, editing, colors, etc. 

Take control of your camera and techniques, in order to create outstanding work !


I´m Martin Søby, award winning photographer, with 20 years professional experience.

Here´s a few references: Adidas, The Royal Danish Theatre and Amnesty International.

Find more information here:


I teach photography online in danish and english, for our planet, not for profit.

Get a review of your work or let me coach you with tailored tasks and online conversations.



I´ll coach and move you forward in any subject, during office hours or evenings.

Beginners are welcome.

Choose one subject, ask if you don´t see yours, what would you like to learn ? 

Art Photography  ·  Portrait  ·  Landscape  ·  Product  ·  Architecture  ·  Cars


Nature  ·  Interior  ·   Photojournalism  ·  Still Life  ·  People  ·  Fashion

 Learn from 20 years professional experience.

·  improve on one subject with full focus on you


·  tailored tasks, to move you from a to b

·  5 x 30 min conversations on skype or facetime

·  email follow up, with my best advice for you

€ 800 / ca dkk 6000  ·  3 for the price of 2.

Book your online photography course here, save 50 %



I´ll review your work on your webpage, instagram or send images by email.

No matter if you are amateur or professional, there is always room for improvement.

Get my opinion and advice with 20 years professional experience.

·  review of your images

·  30 min conversation on skype or facetime, questions and feedback

·  email follow up, with my best advice for you

€ 200 / ca dkk 1500

Book your review here, save 50 %



Selected photography. ​

Become featured for a € 200 / ca dkk 1500 donation.

We post one selected photographs on:


Instagram  ( 7000+ )  ·  LinkedIn  ( 2400+ )  ·  Facebook  ( 150+ ) 

Contact us here, with link to your work, save 50 %

Remember we are all about our plant, not profit.


Your payment is supporting our ongoing climate art project RISING WATERS

backed by: Nikolaj Hübbe, Wilma Giglio, Morten Hee Andersen, Camilla Lau, Sylvester Byder,


Astrid Elbo, J'aime Crandall, Emma Riis-Kofoed, Alexander Bozinoff + many more.

We plant 10 trees for each booking - our way of giving back to mother earth !


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ACTIVIST is independent, based in Denmark.


Climate changes is the main focus.

We work for our planet, not for profit.

Visit what we do for more information or to donate.

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