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We believe climate changes is the most important subject to deal with at all !

Anyone over 21 can become ambassador - earn 20 % commission selling our art posters.

Share a unique tracklink on your instagram, facebook, linkedin, youtube and so on.

Show our ads on your blog or website. It´s easy and you get full support !

We plant a tree for each poster sale, a way of giving back to mother earth. 

We also plant a tree for you, evertime you sell a poster - 2 new trees for each poster sale !

SELL ART POSTERS · PLANT TREES · BACK ACTIVIST contact us here for more information.


Support Activist, while supporting your business, that´s positive green synergy !

We list sponsored ads as long as you, your organization or your business are into making this a world better and healthier place. 


Eco friendly Airbnb or Hotel, Mindfulness Instructor, Bike Shop, Organic Restaurant, Therapist,

Yoga Studio, Art Gallery, Green Hairdresser, Sustainable Fashion Brand, you´ve got the idea.



We offer high quality pay per unique click ads, which means you only pay for one click from each ip address on a campaign, even if the same ip address clicks 78 times or more !

Start a campaign with 1000 unique clicks for only € 1 per click, we set your banner up free. 

Package discounts available, contact us to get a good deal: 


You will get a click report from us, on the example below only 137 unique hits out of 275 are paid for. If you work with Google Analytics, you will see traffic live from Activist.

We estimate your campaign to last 6 - 12 months, which also gives you a lot of exposure and branding, as you only pay for the ones who clicks on your ad. Impressions are free ! 


If you would like to distribute our art posters, then please make contact.

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ACTIVIST is independent, based in Denmark.


Climate changes is the main focus.

We work for our planet, not for profit.

Visit what we do for more information or to donate.

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and PayPal.


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